How Do I Look?, 2010
Compact mirrors, glue and monofilament, 146” x 8-1/4” x 8-1/4”

Rope of Rings, 2003
Plastic, aluminum wire and monofiliment, dimensions variable, 50" diameter as shown

Glitter Body, 2002

Disco Shed, 1999
Steel poles, bungee cords, tarp, disco lights, motor, fan and music system, 80” x 54” x 80”

Disco Ball Snowfall, 2012
Steel wire and plastic beads
Dimensions variable, 30" x 35" x 3/4" as shown

Glitter Shit, 2002
Site-specific work
Hudson at Harrison, New York

Pirate's Treasure, 2003
Site-specific work
East River Esplanade, New York

Parfums Pour Homme, 2007
Paper, cologne, foil, tape, staples and sequins, 7-1/2” x11-1/4”